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Having a Slow Website Can Kill Your Business

If your site loads slow (the time it takes for it to become visible to the visitor) it can seriously hurt your business.
A website that loads slower than 2 seconds will lose a lot of potential visitors and customers as they are not patient enough to wait for the website to load.

If a visitor is coming to your site from a PC and your website takes 4 second to load 20% of your potential visitors (who have clicked a link to your site and is waiting for it to load) will regret and click the back button and visit one of your competitors instead.

For visitors coming from mobile units the numbers are much worse.

  • at 4 seconds you will lose 60% of the visitors
  • at 6 seconds your will lose around 80% of the potential customers

The solution is to increase page load speed for your WordPress website and make it as fast as humanly possible!

So What Does Getting a Really Fast Website Cost?

WordPress WEBSITES UP TO 15 pages

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How Do We Get Great Results?

In Performing Our WordPress Speed Optimization Service 

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We Work With Factors Like:

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